Flight Performance
Max horizontal flight speed 18 m/s
Max flight height 1000 m
Max flight distance(with Gbox) 2km
Hovering precision Verticle:±0.5 m,horizontal:±1.5 m
No-load hovering time 37min
Full-load hovering time 18min
Max take-off weight 22.5kg
Physical Properties
Symmetric Motor Axis Length 912mm
Drone size 780 mm x 670mm x 506mm (width×length×height,without propellers)
Package box size 1000 mm ×910mmx 380mm(width×length×height)
Drone material 3k carbon-fibre composite
Drone color white
Drone weight(with battery) 9.6 kg
Core Components
Motor EHang brushless motor
ESC EHang customized ESC
Propeller Carbon-fibre of high strength and ultra lightness
Flight Control System EHang flight control moduel
Communication device EHang Gbox
Main Features of APP
Touch-to-go Standard
Avatar Standard
Multiple waypoints Standard
External Interface
Voltage 5V/3A、12V/8A
I0 4 sets
UART 1 set
CAN BUS 1 set
Model EHang customized lithium battery charger
Input Voltage 100-240V~50/60Hz
Output voltage 50.4v
Rated power 400 W
Standard Battery
Voltage 44.4V
Type LiPo 12S
Overall weight 4100g