Flight Performance
Max Cruising Speed 60 km/h
Cruising Altitude No more than 150m (Above Ground Level)
Hover Duration (Full Payload) 17min
Max Flight Time (No payload) 32min
Hover Accuracy Vertical±0.5m,Horizontal±1m
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Wind Resistance Wind of force 6
Operating Altitude (Above Sea Level) 0~4000m
Max Payload Weight 5 kg
Aircraft Specs
Materials Carbon fiber reinforced polymer
Dimension 670*780*506 mm
Diagonal Shaft Length 912mm
Weight (Battery Included) 9.6 kg
Core Components
Motor EHang brushless motor
ESC EHang customized ESC
Propeller Carbon-fibre of high strength and ultra lightness
Flight Control System EHang flight control moduel
Communication device EHang Gbox
EHANG Pro Software Features
Touch-to-go Standard
Multiple waypoints Standard
Flight Path Planning Offline flight path editing: able to set such parameters as flight speed, flight altitude, etc. Flight control setting: photo-taking, video-recording, drone yaw/pitch, gimbal yaw/pitch, payload releasing Display of total flight distance and estimated flight time Add favorite waypoints with one tap
Real-time Image Transmission Real-time image transmission Varied resolution options
Real-time Data Transmission Real-time check of flight parameters, including cruising speed, vertical speed, altitude, attitude, longitude/latitude, flight time, flight distance Real-time feedback of battery status, including voltage, current, temperature and battery level Real-time monitoring of sensors’ functioning status
Flight Control One-tap hover/return/landing Waypoint flight: The drone promptly flies towards the one or more destinations preset on the map interface after taking off. Manual control of horizontal flight direction, flight altitude and flight heading
Communication Technology
Communication Distance Standard omnidirectional antenna: ≥3km External directional antenna: ≥5km
Interference Resistance High electromagnetic compatibility and strong capability against electromagnetic interference
External Interface
Voltage 5V/3A、12V/5A
I0 4 sets
UART 1 set
CAN BUS 1 set
Model EHang customized lithium battery charger
Input Voltage 100-240V~50/60Hz
Output voltage 50.4v
Rated power 400 W
Standard Battery
Voltage 44.4V
Type LiPo 12S
Overall weight 4100g