EHANG Partners with Shaoguang Government to Build Smart City with UAV Command Center and Systems

 (October 16, 2017, Shaoguan, Guangdong) The world’s leading intelligent aerial vehicles technology company EHANG and the government of Shaoguan, a city in northern Guangdong Province, jointly announced the establishment of strategic cooperation to apply EHANG’s technical prowess in intelligent UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and its flight command and control systems to the integrated government management sectors and innovative tourism industry of Shaoguan, with the aim of making it an leading and model smart city of UAV system applications.  


According to the MOU, EHang is to design and build an intelligent UAV monitoring and command & control center for Shaoguan government. With emergency mechanism as the focal point, the center will highly integrate the features of monitoring and controlling, communication and networking, information collection and distribution, coordination, early warning, recording, and will gain access to the government existing systems of emergency response & management system, video surveillance system, wired/radio communication system, the host system, police GPS and GIS system, government video conference, etc., thus realizing the connection and communication between the center and different government functions including 110, 120 and call centers via texts, images, data and interaction. 

An advanced media platform will be therefore established for the decision-making and management in tackling emergency situations, ensuring not only that all the incidents/accidents occurring within the administered areas can be clearly, accurately and quickly detected and informed, but also that commands can be smoothly transmitted and promptly reported.

command & control center for Shaoguan

Based on the command & control system framework, Shaoguan government is to actively push forward the applications of smart UAVs in tasks of its varied functional departments including police, firefighting, disaster prevention & relief, forestry, environmental protection, land management, urban management, public health, tourism, etc., to boost the efficiency of government’s routine supervision, emergency response, coordination management. 

Huanming Yin, the mayor of Shaoguan, said: “The EHANG UAV project will lead forward the development of emerging industries in Shaoguan, accelerate the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries, empowering our establishment of a smart city.”   

Huazhi Hu, the founder and CEO of EHANG, said: “The Internet of smart UAVs is essential to the establishment of a smart city. In the future, the real value of UAVs lies in intelligence, integration, digitalization and networking, which are exactly the core technical advantages of EHANG. We hope to join hands with Shaoguan government to build a world’s leading and model city in comprehensive applications of smart UAVs.”