Important Updates on GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Firmware and EHANG Play App

Introducing GHOSTDRONE 2.0 V3.1.01 firmware update and a brand updated EHANG Play App

All GHOSTDRONE 2.0 users please download the update and upgrade your firmware at your earliest convenience and enjoy the new flight experience with our GHOSTDRONE!

(The firmware upgrade doesn’t apply to GHOSTDRONE 1.0)

V3.1.01 firmware new feature and updates:

1.The new firmware supports the newest EHANG Play App and any firmware upgrades afterwards can be upgraded using your mobile devices.

After you upgrade your aircraft’s firmware to V3.1.01 using your computer, any upcoming firmware updates can be done using your mobile devices with our App (App version no earlier than Android: V1.0.7 and IOS: V2.0.5).

2.Smart Battery life control mechanism

No unlocking is allowed when battery life is below 5% to avoid any damage to the batteries due to over discharge. (Applicable to all EHANG Play App)

3.Takeoff is smoother and easier than ever before

The unlock and takeoff button is now combined and replaced with a slide bar in the new EHANG PLAY App. Throttle will gradually increase after slide and confirm the unlocking. Takeoff is much smoother and easier now.

Android phones’ app with version V1.0.7 or above now supports this takeoff mode, IOS phones’ app will be updated a little later.

Note: When trying to use the new EHANG Play App (Android V1.0.7) with the older drone firmware (V3.0.26), once you slide to unlock using the slide bar, the drone’s motors will spin at the initial unlock speed, the App will then count down by itself and the drone will takeoff just like it would when you hit the takeoff button before. The “lock” key is not needed with new EHANG Play App, the drone’s flight control has full control of all the lock timing (drone landed, accidents….). No more accidentally hitting the lock button and crashing the drone in the future.

4.Optimized the smart return capability with the new EHANG Play App at low battery life

When drones are returning due to low battery life, users will have control of the return course of the drone using the app. (A button saying “Hold down to control” will appear when the drone is returning) Now you are able to manually avoid any possible obstacles in the way when drones return.

Android phones’ app with version V1.0.7 or above now supports this function, IOS phones’ app will be updated a little later.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Bugs causing the drones to change its pitch angle sometimes when auto-landing procedure is triggered by losing GPS signals were fixed.

2.Throttles’ parameters are optimized to fix the problem where takeoff might be shaky under certain circumstances.

3. Attitude sensing is optimized to fix the problem where motors might spin at a slightly different speed when unlocking.

2-minute Quick Firmware Upgrade:

1.Download firmware to your computer Go to Ehang website at to download V3.1.01 firmware toolkit (Compatible with Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10)

2. Connect aircraft (on the right) to your computer with a Micro USB cable

3. Firmware Setup Open the firmware toolkit, follow the instructions to complete the setup

4. Firmware Upgrade Completed

What is firmware?

Firmware are programs that can be programmed into EROM (Erasable programmable Read-Only Memory) or EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) which serve as one of the most basic components in a system. Firmware is like a soul to hardware, some hardware does not rely on any other software system to run other than firmware. Firmware determines the hardware’s functionality and capability.

How to tell if I can upgrade the drone’s firmware using my app? Go to EHANG PLAY settings, you will be able to check the version of the app. Please make sure it is V1.0.7 for android or V2.0.5 for iOS and above.

If you do not have the latest version of the EHANG PLAY, please download and update. You can download the latest version from Apple Store, Google Play.

Which devices is EHANG PLAY compatible with?

iOS device requirement: iPhone 4s and above, iPad 2 and above, iPad mini 1 and above

iOS system requirement: iOS 8.0 and above

Android system requirement: Android 4.0 and above

New EHANG PLAY update overview

Android EHANG PLAY (V1.0.7) will be released on February 6th.

iOS EHANG PLAY (V2.0.5) is in the process of review, will be released on February 7-10th.

1.This release is Android V1.0.7

2.Entering avatar/waypoints mode is not allowed when aircraft is not connected.

3. A notification window will pop up advising user to perform compass calibration as the next step to ensure flight safety after binding successfully.

4. Aircraft will search for satellites when user enters the flight control interface of the app. In an open area with good satellite reception, aircraft will quickly identify its location, and app will automatically switch to GPS control.

5. When enough satellite is found, the app will prepare the drone to takeoff. Click the ‘Takeoff’ button, slide to unlock, then the drone will takeoff. (This image below shows how to unlock in manual mode). Using drone firmware V3.1.01 with Android V1.0.7 will support smooth takeoff.

6. You can now update the aircraft’s firmware using the app on your mobile devices. (with app versions no earlier than Android: V1.0.7, iOS: V2.0.5)

7. The new firmware upgrade function on the app is mainly for the upcoming releases of firmware.

8. When drone is auto returning due to low battery life a “Hold down to control” button will appear for users to control the return course of the drone.

Hope you enjoy the new flight experience! And Happy Chinese New Year!