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EHang air mobility mkt prospects taking flight

EHang is ramping up efforts to bolster commercial operation of eVTOL in aerial sightseeing, tourism and logistics, as part of a broader push to expand its footprint in the emerging low-altitude economy sector. Read More>>

Spanish showcase proves unmanned flying taxis are ready for take-off

Just tap your destination on the touch screen, strap in, and no need to tip the driver – because there isn't one. Read More>>

China approves the world’s first flying taxi

Anyone keen to view from on high the sprawling cityscapes of Guangdong, a bustling province in southern China, may soon be able to do so from the cabin of a flying taxi. Read More>>

Global First: Autonomous Drone Gets Approval To Fly With Passengers

In a global first, an autonomous passenger drone has received safety and airworthiness approval and will soon launch commercial operations. Read More>>

China on Track to Test World’s First Flying Taxi Service

China gave EHang the go-ahead to begin trial air-taxi operations this year. Read More>>

China gives Ehang the first industry approval for fully autonomous, passenger-carrying air taxis

Guangzhou-based Ehang on Friday said it received an airworthiness “type certificate” from the CAAC. Read More>>

EHang obtains TC for EH216-S passenger-carrying UAV system issued by CAAC

The EH216-S has obtained the type certificate (TC) officially issued by the CAAC. Read More>>

EHang obtains type certificate for EH216-S passenger-carrying UAV system in China

EH216-S's model design fully complies with CAAC's safety standards and airworthiness requirements, as well as two-seater air taxi being qualified for conducting passenger-carrying UAV commercial operations. Read More>>

REFILE-UPDATE 1-Flying drone taxi maker EHang gets another regulatory approval in China

EHang gained safety approval certification from China's aviation authority, bringing its unmanned passenger copters one step closer to commercial use. Read More>>