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China eVTOL Development: EHang's EH216-S secures production certificate from CAAC

China's Urban Air Mobility technology platform company EHang has announced that its EH216-S passenger-carrying pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or eVTOL, has successfully obtained a production certificate. Read More>>

EHang’s Flying Car Approved for Mass Production: Standards and Infrastructure Still Needed Before Large-Scale Commercial Operation

On April 7, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a production certificate for the EHang EH216-S unmanned autonomous passenger aircraft system in Guangzhou. Read More>>

EHang Earns Production Certificate for Autonomous eVTOL Aircraft

At an event in Guangzhou on April 7, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issue a production certificate to EHang for its two-seat EH216-S eVTOL aircraft. Read More>>

EHang air mobility mkt prospects taking flight

EHang is ramping up efforts to bolster commercial operation of eVTOL in aerial sightseeing, tourism and logistics, as part of a broader push to expand its footprint in the emerging low-altitude economy sector. Read More>>

Spanish showcase proves unmanned flying taxis are ready for take-off

Just tap your destination on the touch screen, strap in, and no need to tip the driver – because there isn't one. Read More>>

China approves the world’s first flying taxi

Anyone keen to view from on high the sprawling cityscapes of Guangdong, a bustling province in southern China, may soon be able to do so from the cabin of a flying taxi. Read More>>

Global First: Autonomous Drone Gets Approval To Fly With Passengers

In a global first, an autonomous passenger drone has received safety and airworthiness approval and will soon launch commercial operations. Read More>>

China on Track to Test World’s First Flying Taxi Service

China gave EHang the go-ahead to begin trial air-taxi operations this year. Read More>>

China gives Ehang the first industry approval for fully autonomous, passenger-carrying air taxis

Guangzhou-based Ehang on Friday said it received an airworthiness “type certificate” from the CAAC. Read More>>