Leading20194GAMECHANGERSFestival, EHangLaunches Urban Air Mobility Project in Europe

(Vienna, Austria, April 11th, 2019) From April 9th to April 11th, the 2019  4GAMECHANGERS Festival was held in Vienna, Austria with the theme of “Europe Meets Asia”. This year, the event will focus on solutionsof mobility in the near future. As a pioneer of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) field and a leader of intelligent Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) company, EHang participated in the event for the first time with its “Flying Taxi” – its independently developed AAV EHang216 and delivery drones. With “Flying Taxi” VR and AAV test ride experience, it gave a realistic multi-dimensional UAM experience to the European audience. Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Federal Chancellor of Austria, attended the festival, and Mrs. MargereteSchramböck, Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria, came to EHang’s booth with great interests in promoting UAM. In addition, Mr. Hu Huazhi, the Founder, President and CEO of EHang, and Mr. Derrick Xiong, the Co-Founder of EHang, gave their speeches to the audience.

Mrs. Margarete Schramböck, Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria, took a seat in EHang 216 with Derrick Xiong, EHang Co-Founder and CMO.

4GAMECHANGERS Festival is a worldwide famous digital fair. It always attracts the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies of the world. This year, the convention puts its focus on UAM, hoping to drive Austria and even Europe to be of the initiator and pioneer of this mobility innovation.

Touch the Future with “Take a Flying Taxi” Experience

UAM is not merely a futuristic concept anymore. It has made its way into our lives. Right now, EHang is helping more people get to know of and experience UAM with its partners all over the world. In the three-day exhibition, every visitor who came to EHang’s booth had a chance to touch the future with its comprehensive and easy-to-use “Take a Flying Taxi” experience.

  •  Call a Flying Taxi with Navi Application

At the booth, EHang showed how to call a Flying Taxi with a smartphone. Just enter starting location and destination then click “search”, a flying route will be calculated on the map and put in comparison with different routes by car, public transportation and on foot. The user could see how much easier and faster the air mobility is.

In the near future, the passenger just needs to click the “Take-off” button to fly to the selected destination.EHang will provide every passenger a truly enjoyable journey by the safe and intelligent autopilot system.

  •      EHang 216 Flying Taxi Ride Experience

What does a “Flying Taxi” look like? Everyone can find the answer on the 3-meter high platform in the center of the hall. An EHang 216 AAV was there for all audience to sit in and make a firsthand experience. With ergonomic seats, 12-inch screens, real-time flying status monitoring and extra-large interior space, EHang AAV showed how comfortable a ride in the “Flying Taxi” could be.

  •    4D Virtual Flying Experience over Vienna

Visitors could experience a complete journey from taking-off to landing in EHang 216 through VR goggles and simulation seats. They had the chance to look down on Vienna from midair and feel the smooth flight with simulation seats.

Embrace the Future of UAM by Partnership with FACC

Leaders of technological advancement from different industries all around the world came to the Global Stage of 4GAMECHANGERS Festival to communicate with each other and paint the picture of the future together.

Mr. Hu Huazhi, Founder, President and CEO of EHang with Mr. Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC, the strategic partner of EHang delivered speech on global stage.

Mr. Hu Huazhi, Founder, president and CEO of EHang with Mr. Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC, shared the latest development of EHang AAV for UAM with the audience on the global stage of 4GAMECHANGERS Festival on April 11th. Back in 2018, two companies announced the strategic partnership and declared that, the two will take EHang AAV into series production in Austria by 2020. One week ago in Vienna, EHang, FACC and ProsiebenSat.1PULS4 jointly held first public passenger flight demonstration with EHang AAV in Europe,17 media representatives enjoyeda first, exclusive experience of autonomous flight in a vehicle of the future, forming a first-hand impression of urban air mobility.

“UAM has entered our lives. It will permanently change the way people travel. We hope this aircraft will carry our hope for the future and span its wings in the sky of historical Austria!” Mr. Hu Huazhi said.

Mr. Derrick Xiong, Co-Founder of EHang, talking about EHang integrated air delivery solutions.

Besides carrying passengers, aerial vehicles from EHang can bring more convenience to our lives by using its independently developed central command and control technology. Mr. Derrick Xiong, Co-Founder and CMO of EHang, gave a speech of “The Flying Deliverer: How Delivery Drones Revolutionize the Transport of Daily Good” to demonstrate the achievements of EHang air delivery solution, including delivering food for “the last mile” in Guangzhou, emergency medical transportation and maritime logistics. “Right now, EHang delivery UAVs are able to cover the main routes, sub routes and end routs of logistics. More importantly, it is an integrated solution with a goal of creating a more open, intelligent and efficient airborne logistics platform for companies from different industrial chains like logistics, retailing and e-commerce.” said Mr. Derrick Xiong.

In the future, EHang will start from Austria cooperating with FACC and ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 to lead the technical innovation of UAM in European cities. It will fulfill its duty in establishing industrial standards and regulations to help the general public get to know of this new way of traveling and embrace the intelligent lifestyle of the future.