EHang Receives Commercial Operation Permit for Aerial Media in Europe

Guangzhou, China, December 14, 2021 -- EHang, the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company, announced that it received the first aerial media permit (“Permit”) in Austria from the Civil Aviation Authority of Austria. The Permit demonstrates that EHang’s aerial media solutions are technologically mature for commercial operation. By virtue of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2019/947, which is applicable since December 31, 2020, the Permit allows EHang to operate commercial aerial media shows across all EU member states.


In early December, EHang conducted its aerial media show in a brand promotion event for Kaiserwinkl, a famous tourism area in Austria’s Tyrolian Alps. The show deployed a fleet of about 150 units of small LED-mounted AAVs and it is EHang’s debut of its aerial media solutions in Austria since obtaining the Permit. EHang’s aerial media solution is highly scalable and can light up the sky with several thousand units of AAVs, thanks to its sophisticated and intelligent software platform.


EHang aerial media performance in Austria  Download the photos


Aerial light show is a sustainable alternative to traditional fireworks in that it has zero CO2 emission. It offers a futuristic style of event entertainment, giving brands an unrivaled opportunity to tell their stories in the sky. Audiences can observe and enjoy aerial media shows from miles away even though they are operated high up in the air, especially when combined with background music and live acts, making them an efficient and creative advertising technique. EHang is partnering with the renowned event tech company “Concept Solutions” to leverage its existing event customer base and develop new sales channels and customer relationships throughout Europe under the brand “Dronepixel by EHang”.


“Being the first mover to develop this aerial media business model and to receive such a commercial operation permit enables EHang to provide this fantastic new form of entertainment to various customers. We see massive interest in our aerial light show solution from all over Europe”, says Andreas Perotti, the Chief Marketing Officer of EHang Europe.


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