Flight Tests of EHang 184 AAV at Guangzhou in 2017


Category:Passenger Transportation


EHang 184, the world’s first Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, inspires a new era of 3D air transport. As we all know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with single step. In past of 2017, EHang 184 took every little steps of flight tests day and night at EHang test site in Guangzhou, China to achieve continuous improvement and test flights with the powerful support of EHang command and control system through 4.5G tele-network, realizing fully automatic stable flight performance, especially making breakthroughs in the key performance test subjects, such as the wind resistance flight tests in moderate gale, manned flight tests, route flight tests, etc. Let’s get an exciting glimpse into the first-hand test flight video of EHang 184.