• Drone
  • G-box
  • Gimbal
  • Camera
  • APP
  • Radio Control
  • Battery
  • Firmware
How do I check if the Ghostdrone is successfully connected to my mobile device?
  • On the EHANG PLAY app, there are three ways to tell if the drone is connected successfully.
  • 1. The gray drone icon on the home page will be replaced with a colored configuration icon.
  • 2. Go to a control mode (Avatar or waypoint), the heartbeat icon on the indication bar will be flashing on the indication bar.
  • 3. The indication bar should show the number of satellites.
Why was I not able to unlock the Ghostdrone?
  • Make sure your Ghost is successfully bound to your mobile device. Check the indication bar on the bottom of the screen in Avatar or on top in Waypoints Mode. If you see a flashing heartbeat icon, you should be able to unlock the Ghostdrone.
Why can’t I take off after unlocking the Ghostdrone?
  • First, please check the indication bar located on the bottom of the screen in Avatar or on top in Waypoints Mode. To successfully unlock the Ghostdrone, you will need at minimum 20% battery life, at least 6 satellites and a flashing heartbeat icon. If all of these requirements are fulfilled but you still can’t unlock the drone, please restart the app/G-Box/Goggle, or re-install the app and bind the G-Box again.
Can I buy spare parts (propellers, gimbal, battery, etc.) for my Ghostdrone?
  • Yes, you can. To order accessories or spare parts, please click HERE or contact Customer Service.
Can I fly my Ghostdrone with the gimbal, landing gear and prop guards on?
  • No, you should not. With both the gimbal and prop guards on, the drone might experience a lack of power in emergency situations.
Should I calibrate the compass before each flight session?
  • YES! Failure to calibrate the compass will likely result in the Toilet Bowl Effect (TBE). The compass of your phone and GPS must be in agreement with each other or each may think the current position of the drone is incorrect.
What is the best way to calibrate the compass?
  • Please refer to the compass calibration VIDEO for your Android/iOS device.
What happens if the G-Box battery dies while the Ghostdrone is on a flight?
  • If the G-Box battery dies, the Ghostdrone will return to its original take off location, hover there and eventually land itself if you properly calibrated the drone before takeoff.
Can I use third party controllers or batteries to fly the Ghostdrone?
  • We don’t recommend you doing so. You will take full responsibility of any damage directly or indirectly caused by the third-party spare parts. Any Ghostdrone with spare parts from a third party will be exempt from our warranty.
Can I use a gimbal and camera from a third party with my Ghostdrone?
  • We can not guarantee any third party device (other than GoPro) usage on the Ghostdrone as the gimbal is calibrated to be used with only EHANG Sports Camera/GoPro3/ GoPro3+/ GoPro4.
How do I connect the gimbal with the Ghostdrone?
  • There are two wires to connect: the red for power and the black for control. First, open the small cover at the bottom of the drone. Inside you will find the ports for the red and black plugs. After connecting the two, you will have control of the gimbal when using the app or RC controller.
Why does the gimbal shake vigorously?
  • DO NOT power on the Ghostdrone without the camera attached to the gimbal or it will shake vigorously and you might damage the wires inside the gimbal.
The Ghost HD Camera that comes with my order is not in English. How to change it back to English?
  • Steps to change the language of Ghost HD Camera back to English:
  • 1.Press three times the "power / mode" button until you reach the settings screen.
  • 2.Use the "up / down" button until you get to page 5/8 showing at the bottom right corner.
  • 3.Use the “up / down” button to select the third row on that page starting with an icon “A”, then press the "OK" button on top of the camera.
  • 4.Use the up / down buttons on the side to select "English".
  • 5.Press "OK" on the top again.
  • 6.Press the “power / mode” button again to return to the video screen.
When I look at the video from my GoPro I can see waves going through the picture and the image is not clear and stable, what is wrong?
  • This is called the “Jello” effect which is a common phenomena when filming with drones. The effect is resulted from vibrations from the motors in combination with exposure settings on your GoPro. To minimize the problem, set your GoPro to a higher frame rate (such as 60-120fps), and add a 2+ or 3+ ND filter to your GoPro to lower the shutter speed of the camera. The “Jello” effect is more common on bright sunny days compared to overcast days.
Where can I find the app to fly my Ghostdrone by tilting the phone (Avatar Mode)?
  • The avatar mode is in our new Ehang Play app, which can be found in the Google Play store or App store.
Why can’t I use the waypoint flight mode where I can plan flight for Ghostdrone by tapping on the screen?
  • If you tap on the screen but the drone seems not responding, there might be a communication issue or the drone didn’t receive the command you just sent. Just tap the same point on the screen again to resend the command.
Do I need to calibrate the compass on the Ghostdrone if I use the Radio Control?
  • Yes. Please make sure the Ghostdrone has been calibrated with the app before you use the radio controller. To calibrate with the app, please refer to the compass calibration video for your Android/iOS device.
Nothing happens when I switch from lock to unlock even though I have successfully bound the R/C and I have a GPS lock indicated by the Ghost solid Blue LED’s.
  • Once you have a solid blue light indicating a GPS lock the Ghostdrone should start immediately when switching to unlock. If the Ghostdrone does not start wait 30 sec staying clear of props, and then re-cycle power on the Ghostdrone / RC.
If my Ghostdrone loses connection with the RC controller, what happens?
  • If the RC controller loses connection with the drone, the drone will activate return home and return 20ft above the takeoff point. If the controller/Ghost regains connection the Ghost will automatically return to your control.
Will my Ghostdrone be faster if I switch to manual mode?
  • Yes, the Ghost flies much faster, however in this mode the Ghost will not position hold. It is up to the pilot to control the position and altitude.
When I’m charging my battery for Ghost 1.0, the S1, S2, S3 lights on the charger intermittently flashes, why is this?
  • This is normal. Your battery has 3 LiPo cells and the charger is balancing the voltage in each cell individually. Please switch to Lipo, and the lights will be stable.
Can I update my firmware by myself?
  • Yes, you can find the firmware update link HERE and upgrade to the latest firmware via a PC (windows). The instruction is also included.
Can I update my firmware by phone?
  • No, the app update only works for the Ghostdrone 2.0.