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EHang’s Aerial People-Mover Logs Maiden Flight in Seoul

Chinese aerial vehicle-maker EHang launched the maiden flight of its EHang 216 — the firm’s flagship self-flying people-mover — in South Korea on Wednesday. Read More>>

Drone Taxis and Bags of Rice Take Flight in Downtown Seoul

A drone taxi and a drone delivery were tested in South Korea’s capital on Wednesday as the country moves closer to launching unmanned air vehicles by 2025. Read More>>

Seoul air traffic control flies a passenger drone across the city

Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Transport Ministry have successfully tested Seoul's urban flight and air traffic control systems using an aerial vehicle made by Chinese manufacturer EHang. Read More>>

Le taxi-drone fait ses premiers essais à Séoul

Un "taxi-drone" effectue un court vol d'essai au-dessus de Séoul, en Corée du Sud, et c'est le grand cirque de la mobilité urbaine aérienne qui est lancé... Read More>>

韓国「空飛ぶタクシー」試験飛行公開 2025年開始目指す

中国のベンチャー企業が製造した2人乗りの機体は、およそ50メートルの高さまでゆっくりと上昇したあと、時速50キロ前後の速さで上空を旋回し、およそ10分間の飛行を無事終えました。 Read More>>

EHang Joins ICAO’s Ambular Project As First Hardware Partner

Chinese autonomous aerial vehicle-maker EHang has joined Ambular, a volunteer project run by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to explore applications of electric vertical flight for emergency medical response operations. Read More>>

EHang has developed a firefighting autonomous flying vehicle for high-rise fires in dense cities — see how it works

EHang has unveiled what it says is the world's first large-payload firefighting aerial vehicle built to tackle fires in high-rise buildings. Read More>>

EHang Launches Aerial Mobility Firefighting System

EHang converted its popular 216 model autonomous air vehicle (AAV) to a firefighting version, named the EHang 216F, which is specially designed for high-rise firefighting. Read More>>

EHang adapts its autonomous aerial vehicles for high-rise firefighting

Continuing a series of major announcements over the past week, the Chinese eVTOL developer EHang has revealed a new firefighting version of its EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) called the EHang 216F. Read More>>

Top aerial vehicle tech platform EHang plans $6m plant in Guangdong

EHang Holdings Limited, the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle technology platform company, will build a new autonomous aerial vehicle production facility in Yunfu, Guangdong province, the company said. Read More>>