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How EHang’s Autonomous eVTOL Air Taxis Will Relieve Gridlocked Cities

At recent events in Europe, such as EBACE in Geneva and the World Air Traffic Management show in Madrid, China’s EHang has given many Europeans their first close-up look at its EH216 eVTOL aircraft. Read More>>

EHang seeks to be 1st to land air taxis in China

As an electric vertical takeoff and landing developer, EHang aims to be the first company to launch commercial AAV operations globally. Read More>>

Bamsoet Beli 10 Taksi Terbang EHang buat Angkut Barang

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Taksi Terbang Ada di Jakarta Harga Rp 10 M, Minat Borong?

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Drones help save lives, cut emissions

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are fast becoming the go-to transportation choice for the medical sector due to its speed, high-efficiency and green footprint. Read More>>

An Interview With EHang

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Autonomous aerial vehicle firm EHang launches smart air mobility experience center

EHang has partnered with a local communications investment company to jointly launch an intelligent air mobility experience center in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. Read More>>


夢の交通手段として注目される「空飛ぶクルマ」。 Read More>>

China set to lead the global charge in flying taxis

China-based flying taxi companies, such as EHang, are advancing fast, carrying out multiple testflights with live passengers and employees, with promising results. Read More>>