Company News

EHang Receives Commercial Operation Permit for Aerial Media in Europe

EHang received the first aerial media permit in Austria from the Civil Aviation Authority of Austria. Read More>>

EHang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Completes Debut Flight Demo in Bali, Indonesia

EHang 216 completed its debut flight demonstration for aerial sightseeing in the world-famous tourism hotspot of Bali, Indonesia. Read More>>

EHang 216's Debut at World Air Traffic Management Congress attracted the Spanish King

EHang 216 made its debut at World Air Traffic Management Congress 2021, the world’s leading international air traffic management conference. Read More>>

EHang and Shenzhen Expressway to Jointly Develop Smart City Transportation Network

As an important partner of EHang 100 Air Mobility Routes Initiative, Shenzhen Expressway will join efforts with EHang to explore the innovative integration of AAV air mobility and expressway networks in smart city transportation. Read More>>

Chinese Premier Visited EHang Exhibition Booth at the China Import and Export Fair

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was in attendance at the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition booth of EHang. Read More>>

EHang and Spanish National Police Collaborate to Explore AAV Use Cases in Emergency and Security Missions

EHang collaborates with the Spanish National Police to explore potential use cases for AAVs in emergency and security missions. Read More>>

EHang Long-Range VT-30 AAV Makes Global Debut Before Zhuhai Airshow

EHang's long-range dual-seat passenger-grade AAV VT-30 made its global debut at the unveiling ceremony and exhibition at the Jiuzhou Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Read More>>

EHang Partners with HELI-EASTERN for Urban Air Mobility Operations in Integrated Airspace in Shenzhen

EHang announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Shenzhen East General Aviation. Read More>>

EHang 216 and Falcon AAVs Perform Airport Transport and Parcel Delivery Trial Flights for EU GOF 2.0 Project in Estonia

EHang 216 and Falcon logistics model have completed BVLOS trial flights for airport transport and parcel delivery in Estonia under the European Union’s GOF 2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace Validation project. Read More>>

EHang Releases Video of Yunfu Production Facility in Operation

EHang releases a video of the Yunfu production facility in operation for investors’ reference. Read More>>