Company News

The CEO of EHang Shares His Vision of the Company at the VivaTech Conference

Mr. Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang, sent his regards to the conference through a recorded video, and shared his vision and strategic goals of EHang for UAM. Read More>>

EHang Debuted in the VivaTech 2021 Conference in Paris

EHang made its debut at the VivaTech 2021 conference in Paris to showcase safe, intelligent, and eco-friendly aerial mobility solutions and further promote UAM applications. Read More>>

EHang Sets Up Aerial Emergency Channels to Help Fight Coronavirus in Guangdong, China

EHang has stepped up as a first-responder and leveraged its autonomous aerial vehicle technology by dispatching a flight operations team and multiple AAVs for COVID-19 relief and control efforts in Guangzhou City. Read More>>

EHang 216 AAV Conducted Trial Flights in Japan

EHang 216 successfully performed its maiden Japan unmanned and autonomous trial flight to showcase safe, autonomous, eco-friendly urban air mobility solutions. Read More>>

EHang Reveals Long-Range VT-30 AAV to Expand Regional Air Mobility Coverage

EHang revealed its new type of electric passenger-grade AAV “VT-30”, the first in EHang’s product suite that is designed for inter-city transporation. Read More>>

EHang Joins Hands with Aeroports de Catalunya to Collaborate on UAM in Europe

EHang announced the strategic partnership agreement with Aeroports de Catalunya, a public company of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Read More>>

EHang Continues to Expand UAM Pilot City Initiative by Partnering with Zaragoza in Spain to Build Aerial Transportation Hub

EHang established a strategic partnership with Zaragoza in Spain. Read More>>

EHang Promoted UAM Applications at the Digital China Summit

EHang successfully showcased Urban Air Mobility while attending the Fourth Digital China Summit from April 25 to April 29 in Fuzhou, China. Read More>>

A Stunning Appearance of EH216 at the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Super League, "Flying" the Vulcan Cup into the Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium

EH216 made a stunning appearance at the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Football Association Super League (“CSL”). Read More>>

CAAC Established EH216 Type Certification Team to Further Advance Certification Process

CAAC has established a “type certification” team for the EH216 passenger-grade AAV. Read More>>