Company News

EHang Continues to Expand UAM Pilot City Initiative by Partnering with Zaragoza in Spain to Build Aerial Transportation Hub

EHang established a strategic partnership with Zaragoza in Spain. Read More>>

EHang Promoted UAM Applications at the Digital China Summit

EHang successfully showcased Urban Air Mobility while attending the Fourth Digital China Summit from April 25 to April 29 in Fuzhou, China. Read More>>

A Stunning Appearance of EH216 at the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Super League, "Flying" the Vulcan Cup into the Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium

EH216 made a stunning appearance at the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Football Association Super League (“CSL”). Read More>>

CAAC Established EH216 Type Certification Team to Further Advance Certification Process

CAAC has established a “type certification” team for the EH216 passenger-grade AAV. Read More>>

EHang Partners with Giancarlo Zema Design Group to Build Eco-Sustainable Vertiport in Italy

EHang announced to partner with an Italian architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group to extend its air mobility solutions in the EU. Read More>>

EHang Supports Chinese National Transportation Network Plan

EHang will seize this opportunity to strengthen its technological leadership and accelerate commercialization of its passage-grade AAVs as a typical type of “intelligent general aviation vehicles” promoted by the Guidelines. Read More>>

EH216 Completed Its First Trial Flights Over the Sea of Southern China to Explore New Scenarios for Coastal Urban Air Mobility

EHang recently successfully completed the first trial flights of EH216 over the sea of Southern China. Read More>>

EHang 216 AAV Completed First Trial Flights in Beijing, Capital of China

EHang successfully completed the first trial flights of its EH216 in Beijing. Read More>>

EHang Provides Updates on Major Production Facility and Announces Onsite Investors Day

The retrofitting process of the existing building is being completed and production of EHang AAVs is expected to start in the second quarter of 2021. Read More>>

How EHang Pioneers the Future of Urban Air Mobility

EHang invites its founder, Mr. Huazhi Hu, to explain EHang’s mission, technological advancements, as well as his thoughts on a report by a short-seller, Wolfpack Research, dated February 16, 2021. Read More>>